Ferrera, Cascata di

(Cascata Fermona)

Cascata di Ferrera or Cascata Fermona (according to locals) is a gorgeous waterfall in the pittoreske village of Ferrera di Varese in the region Lombardia, Italy.

From Ferrera di Varese it is a short walk to a scenic spot where the river Margorabbia jumps into a really wonderful pool, the perfect place to swim.

Cascata di Ferrera/Cascata Fermona is located near the tourist area Lago Maggiore but the surrounding of the is still an undiscovered jewel.

After heavy rainfall Cascata di Ferrera/Cascata Fermona turns into an aggressive monster where you can feel the power of the water. In summertime there are periods with extreme heavy showers, a perfect time to visit the waterfall (at least when in it dry again).

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About Ferrera, Cascata di

LocationFerrera di Varese
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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