Garganta Funda, Cascata da

(Miradouro da Garganta Funda)

Cascata da Garganta Funda is one of the highest waterfalls on the Island of Madeira (Portugal) located at the west side in the region of Calheta. The waterfall is located in Pedregal/Ponta de Pargo.

From Calheta drive north to Ponta de Pargo (road ER1>ER101). In Pedregal go left (gps 32.817505, -17.242559). At the end go left and then right, drive a little further and park the car where possible (gps 32.819163, -17.247196). From here it is a short walk along the edge of the canyon, with a descend of 80 m, until you have a good view on Cascata da Garganta Funda.

The ocean is nearby and Cascata da Garganta Funda is almost falling directly in the ocean over approximately 140 meter.

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About Garganta Funda, Cascata da

LocationPedregal, Ponta do Pargo, Calheta
Best visitAfter rainy period

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