Cascata Córrego da Pedra

Cascata Córrego da PedraCascata Córrego da Pedra is low stream waterfall between São Vicente and Seixal on the Island of Madeira, Portugal.

When driving from São Vicente to Seixal (on road ER101), the waterfall shows at the left side of the road, just outside the tunnel after cascata Água d’Alto. There is a parking in front of the second waterfall, after 200 meter, at the right side of the road (gps 32.814979, -17.079622). You have to walk on the road to visit the base of Cascata Córrego da Pedra. It is a low volume waterfall, at least when we visited Madeira Oktober 2023. I think, I hope there is more water in the waterfall after a rainy period. 

I estimate that the waterfall has a total height of 130 meter (when examining detailed maps). In that case Cascata Córrego da Pedra belongs to one of the highest waterfalls on Madeira. When standing in front of the waterfall it also looks very tall.

The neighbor waterfall, Cascata do Córrego da Furna, is less tall but more beautiful and impressive. The north side of Madeira is one of the best places when you want to chase waterfalls. There are many streams coming down the high mountain plateau and it looks like Hawaï. Often Madeira is called Hawaï of Europe or the flower Island. For flowers (and also for waterfalls) you best can go late spring or early summer to Madeira.

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About Cascata Córrego da Pedra

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
LocationSão Vicente, Seixal
RiverCórrego da Pedra
Best visitAfter a rainy period, early summer

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