Gartl wasserfall

(Gartlbach wasserfall)

The Gartl wasserfall is a very beautiful waterfall south of Heiligenblut (not far from the famous Jungfernsprung) near the village Döllach in the region Kärnten, Austria.

From Döllach you have to drive west over the river Moll and the turn left, driving up to the river Gartlbach. I am not sure if the road is accessible for cars, but there must be, somewhere, a start of the “Wasserfallweg”. From here you can reach the Gartl wasserfall and make a roundtrip in 30-40 minutes. The trail looks really nice with wooden bridges and natural looking viewpoints.

The lower Gartl wasserfall is appr. 60 meters high but there is also a waterfall upstream of the river Gartlbach you can’t see.

The Gartl wasserfall is situated at the west side of the valley. Best time to visit the Gartl wasserfall is in the morning. Best season to visit the Gartl wasserfall is early summer (June).

Nearby you can find the famous Jungfernsprung, a must to visit.

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About Gartl wasserfall

LocationDöllach/Großkirchheim-Natonal park Hohe Tauern
Best visitEarly summer-summer