Gimel, Cascades de – Grand saut

Les cascades de Gimel are a series of waterfalls with three major and named drops. Les cascades de Gimel are located in a little village with the same name Gimel les Cascades near Tulle in the region Limousin/Corrèze, France.

Les cascades de Gimel has three major drops, from top to bottom: Grand Saut (45 m), La Redole (38 m) and la Queue de Cheval (60 m) with a total height of 143 meters.

The Grand Saut is an impressive and powerful waterfall which means big leap. From the village it is a short walk (400 meters) to the entrance where you have to pay a fee.

There is a trail along the river leading along all three waterfalls, which can be slippery and sometimes steep. The walk takes about 45-60 minutes.


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About Gimel, Cascades de – Grand saut

LocationGimle les Cascades - Tulle
RiverLa Montane Ou la Gimelle
Height45m +143m
Best visitSpring-after rainfall