Hjálparfoss is an astonishing beautiful waterfall in the south of Iceland and is one of my favorites. The river Fossá drops down over 13 meters and is appr. 50 meters wide just before it reaches the powerful glacier river Þjórsá.

Although it is not a super-high waterfall, this was one of the most beautiful in Iceland. The basalt stones makes the waterfall is very photogenic. The setting is beautiful and the shape of the waterfall makes that this is one of my favorites.

The name of the waterfall (means help waterfall) stems from earlier times. At the time, the passengers on the Sprengisandurroute went straight through the interior to the other side of Iceland, in general a hard and risky journey. Coming from the north Hjálparfoss was the first time fresh water and food was available for the horses.

Hjálparfoss is one of several waterfalls in the south of Iceland situated in the lava fields north of the stratovolcano Hekla near the point where the rivers Fossá and Þjórsá join.

Hjálparfoss is located about 30 kilometers east of the Flúðir and can be reached by a gravel road off Route 32 that winds through the Vikrar lava fields.

There are several other impressive waterfalls nearby like: Þjófafoss, Háifoss and Tangafoss.

Just downstream from Hjálparfoss is Iceland’s second-largest hydroelectric power station, Búrfellsstöð.

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About Hjalparfoss

LocationÞjórsárdalur, Stöng (Árnessýsla)
Best visitSummer

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