Høgfallet is a powerful waterfall near Gjøvik (Snertingdalen), in the region Oppland, Norway.

The waterfall Høgfallet is close to Lillehammer. From Lillehamer drive south on road E6. At the junction with road 4 go straight ahead onto road 4 to Gjøvik. Near Sveastranda Camping go right onto road 249 heading into Snertingdalen. After the sportarena there is a dust road going left crossing the river. Park the car here.

From the parking it is a 5 minute walk, following a path/road along the river in the southern direction (downstream).

Høgfallet is a powerful waterfall with a single drop of appr. 8 meter. Certainly early in the season a lot of water squeezes itself through a narrow gap. You will have a clear view on Høgfallet from the shore of the river Stokkeelva.

In wintertime Høgfallet freezes creating a beautiful scenery.

The river Stokkeelva is a popular fishing location, full of trout. A fishing permit is required (tourist office at Gjøvik).

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About Høgfallet

LocationRedalen, Snertingdalen, Gjøvik
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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