TegningfalletTegningfallet is a powerful and beautiful waterfall north of Hanestad in the region Hedmark, Norway.

Driving on road 3 near Hanestad, cross the bridge over the river Glomna at Hanestad. After the bridge go right driving along the river. The bumpy road is almost al the way in bad condition and in 2019 there where a lot of holes in the road. Keep on following the road for 5,9 km until there is a junction in the road. Go left here following the wooden sign “Tegningfallet”.

You are now driving on a forrest road and a little further there is a another wooden sign “Tegningfallet”. Drive further for a little over 1 km until you reach the parking for “Tegningfallet” (there is a sign).

You already can see a red wooden house and a path leads along the house to the river Tegninga. Cross the bridge and go left to Tegningfallet. The path is clearly visible but stay left, walking along the river. There as also a path that leads more direct to Tegningfallet but there are also trails that leads somewhere else and there are no signs.

After 10-15 minutes you already can see the lower part of Tegningfallet thundering down. I think this is one of the best views with the canyon in front and a clear blue sky above.

A little further there is another photo point and here you also can see a little of the upper part of Tegningfallet. When going further there is an unofficial path going down to the base of the waterfall. Be careful and don’t this with children.

The path goes further then Tegningfallet and I think it goes further to the upper part. When visiting Tegningfallet August 2019I decided not to go further because I wanted to visit a lot of other waterfalls across the southern parts of Norway.

Tegningfallet has a single drop of appr. 25 meter but has a total height of appr. 35 meter. Most of the time Tegningfallet has a significant volume. When I visited the waterfall the weeks before there was quite a lot of rain.

The source of the Tegningfallet lies at the end of the Tegningsdalen (1.100 m) where a series of small lakes feed the river Tegninga.

Best time to visit Tegningfallet is early summer in the morning (the waterfall drops to the northeast).

Not far from Hanestad there is another gorgeous waterfall (60 meter heigh) called Nekfallet and is also easy to reach. Very nice to have a picnic.

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About Tegningfallet

LocationRendalen, Hanestad
Best visitEarly summer

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