Levada, Cascata da

Cascada da Levada is a waterfall on the main island of Madeira, Portugal and is located near Ponta do Sol.

From Funchal drive west to Ponta do Sol (road VR1>VE3). Just for Ponta do Sol there is a sign (gps32.684330, -17.073426) for the walking trail “Levada Nova”. Go right here and keep following the signs. The walk starts at the Levada Nova house (gps 32.692946, -17.088738). I don’t know exactly how long the walk to Cascada da Levada takes, but probably 30-40 minutes.

Cascada da Levada is a twinfall and popular by tourists. A manmade path leads behind the waterfall. I am not really fond of artificial paths but this one looks very nice. Although the waterfall isn’t very high, it looks very scenic and special: a visit worthwhile. I have seen figures that the total height is 66 meter, but on pictures I only see a small part.

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About Levada, Cascata da

LocationPonta do Sol
RiverRibeiro Frio
Best visitAfter rainy period

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