Nacimiento del río Mundo

(Chorros del Rio Mundo)

Nacimiento del río Mundo is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Spain. Nacimiento del río Mundo means birth of the river earth.

Nacimiento del río Mundo is located south of Riopar in the region Castilla La Mancha-Albacete, Spain. From Riopar drive south to Siles/Rio Mundo over road CM3204, the road is signed. There is an exit Nacimiento del río Mundo (3 km). From the parking it is a short walk until you reach the viewpoint on the waterfall. It is also possible to hike further (4 km) and visit the caves.

You have to pay an entrance fee when visiting the waterfall.

In springtime groundwater flows over and comes out of the cave Los Chorros, that is 32 kilometer long. Nacimiento del río Mundo is a karstic waterfall that can vary heavily per season. The water comes out of reservoir 4 x 15 kilometer wide and is called “Calar de Mundo”.

Best time to visit Nacimiento del río Mundo is springtime. In case of a burst the river Mundo gets extremely powerful, this is called “Reventon” (blowout). In those periods Nacimiento del río Mundo can be considered as the most beautiful and and one of the most powerful waterfalls in Spain.

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About Nacimiento del río Mundo

RegionCastilla la Mancha-Albacete
RiverRio Mundo
Best visitSpring

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