Parco Cascate di Molina

(Cascata Verde, Cascata Nera, Cascata Spolverona, Cascata del Marmittone, Cascata del Tombolino, Cascata dell'Orso)

Parco cascate di Molina is a nature park with 6 waterfalls ins a row. The nature park is located near Molina, north at Verona, not far from lago di Garda in the region Veneto, Italy.

From the exit Verona north take the road to Fumane (ss12>sp1) and then further on to Molina (26 km). In Molina you see signs to the parking and the entrance of the park. You have to pay admission for “Parco cascate di Molina”. The nature park is open from March to Oktober at daytime.

Parco Cascate di Molina - Map

There are three possible marked walks you can take. The black route leads through the entire park and takes 2 hours. It is also possible to walk down along the river to visit all six waterfalls. From the top to the bottom these are: Cascata Verde, Cascata Nera, Cascata Spolverona, Cascata del Marmittone, Cascata del Tombolino and Cascata dell’Orso. Actually there is a seventh waterfall at the end called Covolo, very nice to see.

Cascata Verde is one of the tallest waterfalls in “Parco cascate di Molina” and is appr 10-15 meter high. Cascata Nera is the second big waterfall in the park and is also appr 10-15 meter high. Cascata dell’Orso is the third waterfall higher then 10 meter.

When there is enough water in the river all waterfalls are quit spectacular and the nature is of astonishing beauty. An admission of 5 euro worthwhile! Where good shoes, at some parts you need them.

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About Parco Cascate di Molina

LocationMolina, Verona, Lago di Garda
RiverProgno di Breonia
Best visitSpring, after rainy period

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