Queue de Cheval, Cascade de la

Cascade de la Queue de Cheval is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Haut Jura not far from the picturesque village of Saint Claude.

From Saint Claude drive east to Chaumont (D304). In Chaumont you will signs to a parking “Cascade de la Queue de Cheval”. From the parking go back to the house and take the road/path left (going east). When the road/path stops (you also can park the car here) go right at the trees. There is a small wooden signs “Cascade”. Follow the path and keep right. After 15-20 minutes (1 kilometer) you have reached the waterfall Cascade de la Queue de Cheval.

Cascade de la Queue de Cheval has two drops with a total height of 60 meters and a single drop of appr 40 meters. A perfect place to play and bade in the river and to enjoy summertime.

The waterfall is also visible from a sideroad of the D40, east of Rochefort. Here (46.377004, 5.881873) you see Cascade de la Queue de Cheval from a far distance.

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About Queue de Cheval, Cascade de la

RegionFranche Comte/Jura
LocationChaumont-Saint Claude
RiverLe Grosdar
Best visitSpring-after rainfall

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