Skepasmeno waterfalls

(Velventos waterfalls, Σκεπασμένο Καταρράκτες)

The Skepasmeno waterfalls (or Velventos waterfalls, Σκεπασμένο Καταρράκτες) are a series of small cascades with one bigger waterfalls located near Velventos/Velvendos in the region west Macedonia, Greece.

From Kozani it is a 36 km drive east to Velventos. Drive further north>east to the church Agia Triada. Park the car here. There are small signs Καταρράκτες or Katarraktis meaning waterfall. At a certain point you have to go down along ropes. I am not sure how the trail runs, but there must be a way that is logical.

The big drop of the Skepasmeno waterfalls (Velventos waterfalls) is very beautiful and has a slide drop of appr. 20 meter. Best period to visit the waterfall is probably springtime or after rainfall.

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About Skepasmeno waterfalls

RegionWest Macedonia
LocationVelvento, Kozani
RiverΣκουλιαρίτικο Ρέμα
Best visitSpring, after rainfall