(Spirefossa, Geitenyken)

I totally missed the Spirefossen, maybe because the stream is rather tiny. Nevertheless the water drops down from the Myklebustbreen (glacier) over a gigantic height. Question is if this counts for the total height of the fall. I have seen figures of 690 meters and one of 60 meters. After doing some research (photo’s and map) I think the truth lies in between.

It can be that the water flow is reduced because of a power plant.

Don’t think it isn’t worthwhile to visit the waterfall, because the Myklebustdalen is very attractive for hiking but also for spotting waterfalls. At the end of the valley you can find one of the highest waterfalls of Norway, the Strupen or Strupenfossen. And the forgotten Sanddalsfossen: a very powerful waterfall but I don’t know if it stills exists. Years ago, when I was there, they were working at the fall and probably building facilities for a power plant. The fall still exists on the map:)

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About Spirefossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall