The Stuibenfälle near Reutte is a series of cascades in the river Archbach which is coming down from the Plansee.

The Stuibenfälle is popular canyoning destination. Because of the many small and a few bigger cascades (20 and 33 meters) with emerald colored pools in between it is perfect for canyoning. There is also a trail aside for hiking, so you don’t have to book a tour but it looks fun to me.

To go there: at Reutte Sud take the exit to Breitenwang (road 179), but shortly after you have to go to a small road heading to the Plansee (L255). When crossing the river there is a left turn. from here you have to go by feet following the river. The best place to view the Stuibenfälle is from the west shore of the river, but I think that a trail only for canyoning.

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