Tegningfallet is a mighty waterfall north of Hanestad in the region Hedmark, Norway.

Driving on road 3 near Hanestad, cross the bridge over the river Glomna at Hanestad. After the bridge go right driving along the river. You see a farmhouse and a little bit further a road going left. This is the road going to Tegningfallet. I don’t know how far you can go by car here but the road (Slepvegen) leads north for 3,9 km. At the first crossing go right and park the car here. A little bit further up the road (400 m) there is a path going left to the river Tegninga. Cross the bridge and go left to the viewpoint on Tegningfallet.

The waterfall Tegningfallet drops down, in a single drop, over appr. 25 meter, most of the time with a significant volume. The source of the Tegningfallet lies at the end of the Tegningsdalen (1.100 m) where a serie of small lakes feed the river Tegninga.

Best time to visit Tegningfallet is early summer in the morning (the waterfall drops to the northeast).

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About Tegningfallet

LocationRendalen, Hanestad
Best visitEarly summer

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