Torrener wasserfall

(Weißen Torren, Torrenerfall)

The Torrener wasserfall (Torrenerfall) also called Weißen Torren is nice waterfall, not far from Golling at the Bluntautall in the region Salzburg/Austria. The Torrener fall forms a twin fall together with the Bluntaufall but is actually a different waterfall.

From Golling you have to drive west, drive over the bridge and turn left towards Bluntautall/Torrener wasserfall. After a short while you have to park your car at Gasthaus Bärenhof and walk into the Bluntautal following the river for 2 kilometers (20 minutes).  I am not sure if you also can park your car in summertime at Gasthaus Bärenhof. Otherwise there is a big parking lot at Gasthof Gollhof, just after the tunnel under highway A10.

The surrounding of the Bluntautall/Torrener wasserfall is astonishing and really worthwhile to visit. Highlight should be the Bluntaufall (20 meters) and Torrener wasserfall which drops down over 50-100 meters.

I am not sure or the waterfall on my pictures are the Bluntaufall or the Torrener wasserfall. It was long ago in may that I visited the area. There was still a lot of snow at the time and I knew that there was a waterfall in the area.

Best time to visit the Bluntaufall or Torrener wasserfall is from may to early july when the waterfalls are fed with melting water or after heavy rainfall. I was at the Bluntaufall/Torrener wasserfall in may but there was so much snow left on the trail that is was difficult to walk to the falls.

Nearby at Golling there is the really beautiful Gollingfall/Gollinger wasserfall, also a must to visit.

© 6-7th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

One thought on “Torrener wasserfall

  • 18 June 2020 at 19:32

    Only picture 5 is Torrenfall.
    To reach it you need to cross the river a bit lower of Blutaunfall. Then there is a stone trail that goes up. After 200 meters you need to go out of the trail to the right and you see amazing waterfall.


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