The Tricklfall is an extraordinary waterfall that can be extremely powerful. The Tricklfall is located southwest of Abtenau in the region Salzburg, Austria. Actually there are two waterfalls next to each other. I don’t know if the waterfall have separate names, but Tricklfall is the common name.

The origin of Tricklfall is a natural source (quelle) called Tricklfallhöhle and is cave in the mountain Unterberg. The Tricklfallhöhle is 430 meters long. After heavy rainfall the volume of the Tricklfall can exceed an impressive 3.000 l/sec.

From  Au (Abtenau), an easy trail leads to the Tricklfall that can be reached in 15 minutes. After visiting the Tricklfall you can visit the more famous Dachserfall east of the Trickfall. The Dachserfall can be reached in 30 minutes from Au (Abteanu) or from the Tricklfall.

Other waterfalls nearby are: Aubachfall, Winnerfall and the many waterfalls near Golling.

© pictures Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Tricklfall

Best visitEarly summer-after heavy rainfall

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Dachserfall 1 km
Winnerfall 5 km
Aubachfall 6 km
Gainfeld wasserfall 20 km
Gollingfall 21 km

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