The waterfall Tyssestrengene is with a free fall of 300 meters and a total height of 851 meters one of the highest waterfall in the world. But today the Tyssestrengene is regulated and can only be seen when there is overflow in the reservoirs above. Only picture I have seen of the Tyssenstrengene are very old ones.

Nearby is also a regulated waterfall, the Ringedalsfossen and is situated at the end of the Ringedalsvatnet near the small village of Tyssedal, municipality Odda/Horaland. From Odda it is a 6km drive to the north, over road 13 before you reach Tyssedal. From Tyssedal there is a trail to the Ringedalsdammen from where you have to follow the north shore of the Ringedalsvatnet. At the end you should have a good view in the fall in the distance. It is a 2,5-3 hour hike to the end of the trail. I have also seen pictures from a height looking down to the lake and the fall.

Do not worry, there are a dozen of huge waterfalls in the area of Odda: LåtefossenEspelandsfossen, Langfoss, Vidfoss, Aednafossen,StrondsfossenTjørnadalsfossen, SkrikjofossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen, Tveitafossen and the Søtefossen.

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