Vettisfossen, most beautiful waterfall in Norway


European Waterfalls logo defJune 2016, by Olaf Helwig

Vettisfossen, most beautiful waterfall in NorwayI am writing/creating a book about the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway but I want to create my book with suggestions from readers. I think it is better to let people decide which waterfalls are favorite, instead of a personal opinion.

After an inquiry (poll) in the months April and May 2016, among travelers and inhabitants of Norway, 20% of the people rated the Vettisfossen as the most beautiful waterfall in Norway. That is 6% more then the the number two “most beautiful waterfall in Norway, the Avdalsfossen. Both waterfalls are located in the Utladalen near the town of Øvre Ardal (Sogn og Fjordane).
For more informations or statistics about the poll “most beautiful waterfalls in Norway”, please contact me on the contact page.

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