Superb waterfall road Norway

European Waterfalls logo defJuly/August 2016, by Olaf Helwig

If you don’t have much time but you want to see several extremely beautiful waterfalls, then road r13 in Norway is without a doubt the best road you can take. It depends on how much time you have and if you like hiking what I should recommend.

For people who don’t want to spend much time with firm hikes but like driving: start at the Langfoss (near Etne), at road E134. From here drive east to Skare and then north to Odda on to the Voringfossen (road 7) as endpoint.

On this route of 123 kilometer you drive along at least eight waterfalls that are in my top 20-most beautiful waterfalls in Norway:
Langfoss>Skare>Espelandsfossen & Låtefossen>Vidfossen>Strandsfoss & Tjørnadalsfossen (10 min walk)>Odda>Ædnafossen>Skrikjofossen>Vøringsfossen.

There are some alternative side roads you can take to visit more waterfalls:

  1. In Odda drive into the Jordalen and visit the Buarfossen at the end of the valley (+ 10 km)
  2. In Odda drive to Sundal (Toll in the Folgefonnatunnel) and the gorgeous Furebergfossen (+50 km)
  3. In Kinsarvik drive to the Tveitafossen (+ 8 km) and for hikers, three extremely powerful waterfalls in the Husedalen(5-6 hrs RT)
  4. In Eidfjord drive to the Skytjedalsfossen in the Simadalen (+ 28 km)
  5. In Ovre Eidfjord to the Vedalsfossen & Beraskødalfossen (+ 12 km) and hikers can take the walk to the Valursfossen (2,5 hrs RT)

I don’t think there is an area or a road with such a high density of waterfalls.

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