Staubfall (Heutal)


The Staubfall is an astonishing beautiful waterfall near Heutal in the region Salzburg, Austria. The waterfall is situated near the borden with Germany but from Heutal Austria the Staubfall is easy to access.

From the big parking lot (parking fee) at heutal you have to walk towards the Heutaler Hof from where a signed trail leads to the Fischbachfall in 5-10 minutes. The track is also numbered as „8“ and leads also to the huge Staubfall, one of the highest and most impressive waterfalls in Austria.

From the Fischbachfall it is another 15-20 minutes before you will reach the huge Staubfall which you really have to visit. The trail is at some part a little bit challenging.

The Staubfall is a waterfall with a height of appr. 250 meters and you can view the waterfall from a distance and from the path that leads behind the Staubfall. I have also seen pictures taken from the opposite mountains that were very impressive, but the trail to that viewpoint starts from Germany.

Best time to visit the Staubfall is from noon, maybe a little bit later in the afternoon. Best season is late spring or early summer when the river Staubbach is being fed by a lot of melting water from the mountains.

© 8-9-10th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Staubfall (Heutal)

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitLate spring-early summer

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