Kraxenbach wasserfälle

The Kraxenbach wasserfälle are multiple cascades in the river Hinterer Kraxenbach with heights between 10 and 60 meters. The total drop is appr 110 meters.

The Kraxenbach wasserfälle are located southeast of Laubau and aren’t easy to reach. From Laubau it is 2-3 hour walk. The walk starts at Laubau following the river Fischbach in the beginning but soon you have to follow the river Schwarzachen (signs for Schwarzachenalm). From the Schwarzachenalm there is a trail going southeast floowing the river Kraxenbach and the Hinterer Kraxenbach that leads to the waterfalls.

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About Kraxenbach wasserfälle

RiverHinterer Kraxenbach
Best visitLate spring-early summer

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