Weissbachschlucht Wasserfall


The Weissbachschlucht Wasserfall is a small but scenic waterfall south of Inzell, along road 305, in the region Bayern, Germany.

There are several small waterfalls in the river Weissbach, but the waterfall I am referring to is situated in the northern part of the gorge. There is a descent parking (gps 47.736047, 12.755876) where a path descents to the base of the Weissbach wasserfall. There is a bench at the top where you can lunch. In a few minutes you are down the gorge where you have the best views.

The Weissbach wasserfall is more beautiful than I thought and I enjoyed my short stay with taking a lot of pictures. The waterfall has a dual drop and is approximately 15 meter high. 

When driving on the main road 305 you don’t expect such a beauty.

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About Weissbachschlucht Wasserfall

Best visitSpring-after rainfall

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