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It is quite a dilemma how to list a top 10 biggest waterfalls in Germany. There aren’t accurate figures about the water flow of many rivers and waterfalls. So I must rely on visual observations and the feeling I get at a big waterfall.

I will only count in waterfalls with a drop over 10 meter combined with waterfalls with a visual high volume. So this is my top 10 of biggest waterfalls in Germany.

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in Germany:
Kühflucht wasserfälle (avg 1,5 m3/sec)


2. Lechfall

Füssen, Bayern

Triberger wasserfälle, Triberg, Schwarzwald, Germany

3. Triberger wasserfälle

Triberg, Baden-Württemburg

Elzbach wasserfall

4. Elzbach wasserfall

Burg Pyrmont, Rheinland-Pfalz

5. Kenzen wasserfall

Halblech, Bayern


6. Röthbachfall

Königssee, Bayern

7. Parntach wasserfall

Reintal, Bayern

Hölltobel wasserfall

8. Hölltobel

Gerstrubental, Bayern

Burgbach wasserfall, Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach / Schwarzwald, Germany

9. Burgbach wasserfall

Bad Rippoldsau, Baden-Württemburg

Pöllatfall - waterfalls in Germany

10. Pöllatfall

Schwangau, Bayern