Allerheiligen wasserfälle

(Lierbachfälle, Büttensteiner Wasserfälle)

The Allerheiligen wasserfälle is a waterfall in the south west of Germany in the region Schwarzwald/Baden-Württemburg.

The Allerheiligen wasserfälle were my first acquaintance with waterfalls in Germany. Although I live in the Netherlands, it was a five hour drive to get here. April 2017 I had a week off and I decided to go to the Schwarzwald, in Germany, for a few days chasing waterfalls.

North of little village Oppenau the Allerheiligen wasserfälle cascades down in seven stages with a total descend of 83 meters.

Allerheiligen wasserfall entrance, Oppenau, Schwarzwald, GermanyThe Lierbachstrasse (named after the river of the Allerheiligen wasserfälle) runs almost along the waterfall. There is a big parking, almost in front of the Allerheiligen wasserfälle, with one of the greatest entrances I have ever seen, nice. Although it can be less or more a bit crowded, entrance is still for free.

A maintained path leads from the parking lot along all stages over wooden bridges and stairs through the gorge to the Monastery of Allerheiligen. From the parking it is only a 200 meter walk (2 minutes) until you see the first waterfall. A small one, but this was a nice beginning of the day.

Don’t expect to much. Most drops are only 2-5 meter high with a biggest drop (sliding over big rocks) of appr 10 meter. Within 12 minutes you are at the top of the waterfall, but take your time to enjoy and take pictures.

The walk is easy to do, sometimes some steep stairs, but is not unsuitable for wheelchairs or Buggy’s. But for children that can walk it is a nice trip.

I also went to the gorgeous Burgbach wasserfall and the Triberger wasserfälle, both nearby and easy to reach. To be honest I liked the Burgbach wasserfall most because it had a single drop of 25 meter and is situated in the dark woods of the Schwarzwald and is very photogenic.

During my three day visit of the Schwarzwald I also made a trip to Switzerland to one of the most powerful waterfalls on the main land of Europe, the Rheinfall. From the Schwarzwald it only a 1-1,5 hour drive and if you exit road 4 before Schaffhausen (exit 2) you don’t have to buy a vignet (over 40 euro). When I was at the Rheinfall the volume was reaching the amount of 275.000 liter/sec. In summertime the volume doubles.

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About Allerheiligen wasserfälle

LocationAllerheiligen-Offenberg / Schwarzwald
Best visitAfter rainy period, spring

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