Balåifossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway and is situated six kilometers south of Osa, on the  east side of the Osafjorden, in the municiplaity Ulvik. When Driving on the FV300 to/from Ulvik you can see the Balåifossen on the other end of the Fjord. The pictures are taken from a distance when driving to Ulvik on the R572.

The water of the river Balåi drops down over 800 meters and ends in the Osafjorden. The river Balåi is fed by meltingwater of the Kyrelvfjellet with a small glacier called Onen (on an altitude of 1600 meters) and a large lake called Langvatnet.

Coming nearer to the Balåifossen you will notice that there is more water in the river Balåi then expected. I have seen pictures from the top of the Balåifossen, so probably there is a trail running parallel with the Osafjorden.

Near Osa there are two other waterfalls you can visit: Røykafossen and Kyrfossen.

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  • 26 July 2022 at 15:46

    The Balaifossen Falls are just amazing and quite hypnotic to watch, thanks for sharing!


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About Balaifossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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