Visiting the amazing Espelandsfossen I noticed this waterfall on the other side of the Espelandsvatnet. I could remember that I had seen this waterfall when I was there 10 years ago. After some research I am sure this waterfall is coming down from the Slåttefjellet, so I gave it the name Slåttefjelletfossen.

The weather was pretty wet when I was in Norway July 2016, but I think the Slåttefjelletfossen is visible in springtime until the summer and in wet periods. Because I like the shape and the view of this waterfall I named it, although it is a low volume river with no name.

Visiting the Espelandsfossen is a must, so why not enjoy this nice waterfall, Slåttefjelletfossen.

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About Slattefjelletfossen

LocationEspelandsvatnet, Ulvik
Best visitSpring, After rainfall

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