Kyrfossen (Osa)

The Kyrfossen is a waterfall near Osa in the region Hordaland and can be accessed via the turn to road 572>Fv301 in Ulvik. With a total drop of approximately 450 meters it is one of the higher waterfalls in Hordaland. The waterfall in the river Kyrelvi is fed by several lakes and small glaciers at the Kyrelvfjellet on an altitude of 1000-1600 meters.

The Kyrfossen aren’t very wide and that fore not so impressive. Nevertheless the surrounding and the huge mountains makes a visit worthwhile.

Not far from the Kyrfossen there are several other waterfalls like the Balåifossen and the Røykjafossen.

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About Kyrfossen (Osa)

Best visitEarly summer-Summer

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