Balbierbach wasserfall


The Balbierbach wasserfall (also called Balbierfall) is a nice waterfall with a single drop of 17 meters. The Balbierbach wasserfall is located north of Gortipohl, just outside the urban area, in the region Vorarlberg, Austria.

From Bludenz (highway A14) take the exit to Montafon and Schruns. Continue driving to Gortipohl and there find your way to the church. There is a small parking east of the church (gps 47.009081, 10.001972)

From the parking just walk to the north on the Allmeinweg and follow the path (paralel to the river Balbierbach) to the playground. In a few minutes you should have a good view on the Balbierbach wasserfall. You can approach the Balbierbach wasserfall from both sides of the river, but walking along the west shore gives you a nice view on the Balbierbach wasserfall. So on the way back to Gortipohl, look back for a better view.

Best time to visit the Balbierbach wasserfall is early summer.

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About Balbierbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationGortipohl-St Gallenkirch
Best visitEarly summer

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