Barbianer Wasserfälle

(Cascate di Barbiano)

Barbianer wasserfalleThe Barbianer wasserfälle or in Italian Cascate di Barbiano is a big waterfall near Barbiano, north of Bolzano in the region Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.

The Barbianer wasserfälle (Cascate di Barbiano) is one of the more known and nicer waterfall in Italy. So I expected much of my visit to northern Italy in 2014.

To be honest I thought this was the highlight of waterfalls in Italy, given the volume that this waterfall may have. Unfortunately, it was a little bit disappointing. It didn’t look very impressive from a distance. Because of the weather, I didn’t took the hike to the waterfall, but from the village it takes appr. 40-60 minutes. It also possible to make a more difficult walk to the top of the Barbianer wasserfälle (Cascate di Barbiano), this will take 2,5 hours for a roundtrip.

Nevertheless the Barbianer wasserfälle (Cascate di Barbiano) is still a beautiful waterfall and the surrounding looks nice. I must say that I enjoyed my stay in the region, because of the cheap prices for hotels and food and they speak German in this part of Italy. Always handy for someone who speaks German.

I stayed in hotel Rösslwirt, a perfect base for a walk to the Barbianer wasserfälle

The Barbianer wasserfälle (Cascate di Barbiano) has a total height of 150 meters. The lower part of the waterfall is the biggest with a height of appr. 85 meters. The upper part looks also very nice but you have to climb up for another 40 minutes to get a view on the 45 meter upper part. In between there are some smaller cascades. In the hotels or at the tourist information point you can get a free map with the trail on it and a description.

There are several other beautiful waterfalls near the highway to Brenner. The Schrambacher wasserfall is one of the nicer ones and is easy to reach.

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About Barbianer Wasserfälle

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
Best visitEarly summer

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