(Berdølafossen, Bjørnafossen, Beraskødalfossen, Berastøldalfoss)

I think this waterfall was the discovery of our holiday in Norway. On the way to the Valursfossen, you first will see the Vedalsfossen  with its unique shape. From Hjolmo the road winds up past the Beraskodalfossen. Further on, the Beraskodalfossen keeps on falling. In total the waterfall should definitely be more than 200 m high.

It is a very beautiful area with a lot of trails. If going to Hordaland, don’t forget to take the turn to Hjolmo at Ovre Eidfjord. You won’t be disappointed.

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About Beraskodalfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitSpring-early summer

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