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Berglistüber-wasserfallThe Berglistüber wasserfall (also named Bärglistüber) is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Switzerland. The waterfall is located near Linthal in the region Glarus and is easy to access.

The Berglistüber wasserfall is located along road 17 (between highway 2 and 3). From Glarus drive west to Linthal and the Klausenpass. Just after Linthal the road goes up. In the fifth hairpin curves in the road there is a parking at the former Restaurant Bergli. Park your car here (gps 46.909515, 8.978813).

From the parking at the former restaurant the Berglistüber wasserfall can be reached in 5-minute through a forest and meadow. Cross the road and follow the sign “Berglistüber “. The path leads directly behind the water “curtain” and makes you look from a different perspective.

The waterfall drops down from Urnerboden (1.200 m) into the river Linth (720 m) over three major stages. The middle drop is called Berglistüber and is 44 meter high. Driving further up to the Klausenpass you will see the other drops.

I was in the region July 2021 but my gps system was malfunctioning and I was to far away before I realized I missed the Berglistüber wasserfall. Funny that I saw the waterfall when I drove back to the main road when visiting the gorgeous Schreyenbachfall. At that moment I had to realize that this was a big and beautiful waterfall…..

Since the 18th century the waterfall is referred as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Switzerland and if I examine all those gorgeous pictures on the Internet I am still bummed out. Nevertheless this is a must see waterfall, so go for it!

Further west, near the Klausenpass, there is another immense waterfall called Stäubifall. Certainly in springtime this 100 meter high waterfall can be very impressive.

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  • 24 June 2020 at 22:00

    Waterfall is indeed amazing and worth visiting. The place was really empty during week day Wen. The waterfall was documented in video “Swiss Waterfalls of Glarus Bärglistüber, Diesbachfall” by Healing Sound of Nature for your reference: Enjoy it!


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