The Diesbachfall is one of the bigger and more photogenic waterfall of the region Glarus in Switzerland.

The Diesbachfall is located in the town called Diesbach! From road 2 or 3 take road 17 and drive to Diesbach. Just before entering the little village from the south you already can see the Diesbachfall thundering down. Before crossing the bridge over the river Diesbach go right and drive further until you reach an old mill. This mill dates from 1778. This is also a good spot for taking good pictures. Or if you want to walk to the waterfall you better park the car in the village (gps 46.946769, 9.028200) and walk to the waterfall (10 minutes). Although it is new that there is a parking near the mill (gps 46.947172, 9.031155)

From the mill there is a path along the river that leads to the base of the Giesbachfall that can be reached in a few minutes. The waterfall consists of two major stages and a few smaller drops. The biggest single drop is appr. 40 meter and the total height is 120 meter. At the base of the waterfall there are picnic facilities and since 2017 there is also a bbq grill.

Best time to visit the Diesbachfall is early summer when a lot of snow is melting down the mountains. Because the Diesbachfall falls to the west it is better to visit the waterfall in the afternoon. Otherwise the backlight will bother you (when the sun is shining).

Along road 17 between Glarus Sud and Untersachsen there are several other nice waterfalls. The most beautiful ones are Berglistüber wasserfall and Stäubifall (also called Stäuben).

One thought on “Diesbachfall

  • 24 June 2020 at 22:03

    Not sure why the rating is so low. Waterfall is beautiful and worth visiting. The place was really empty during week day Wen. I felt like in a fantasy movie .. the sound and water in the air with sun were making rainbow effect around the place. I love it. Worth combining the trip with visit of nearby waterfall Bärglistüber.

    The waterfall was documented in video “Swiss Waterfalls of Glarus Bärglistüber, Diesbachfall” by Healing Sound of Nature for your reference: https://youtu.be/fTSbKn07I48. Enjoy it!


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About Diesbachfall

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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