(Bølifossen, Bölifossen)

Bølifossen (or Bölifossen, Bolifossen) is a 15 meter high waterfall in the Mørkrisdalen, north of Skjolden (Luster), in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

In Skjolden follow the signs for Morkrid/Bollstad. Follow the road along the river for 6 kilometer. You already can see Drivandefossen at the left side, behind the river. Cross the bridge and follow the road further into the valley. When the road ends it is still an 1-1,5 hour walk before you reach Bolifossen. There are biking or fishing tours that can be made organised.

Bølifossen is located far into the Mørkrisdalen, upstream following the river Mørkrisdalselvi, a powerful river in the early summer. From the hamlet of Mørkri you have to walk 3,8 kilometers until you reach the waterfall.

Bølifossen isn’t a very large waterfall, appr a single drop of 15 meters, but the waterfall is very powerful and wide for its height.

There are a lot of great waterfalls in the Lustrafjorden area. Drivandefossen, also in the Morkridsdalen, is a gorgeous waterfall and easy to reach. Big chance that you see a rainbow in front of the waterfall. Feigefossen with a height of 275 meter is probably the most famous one and is located 16 kilometer south of Skjolden at the east side of the Lustrafjorden.
Another great waterfall is Brekkefossen that already can be seen from camping Nymoen in Skjolden on the other side of the Eidsvatnet.

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About Bolifossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer

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