Brankovsky vodopad

(Brankovský vodopád)

Brankovský vodopád is a 55 meter single drop waterfall south of Ružomberok in the region Žilina, Slovakia.

Driving from Ružomberok to Podsuscha over road 59 you can reach Brankovský vodopád in 30-40 minutes, starting from the parking at Podsuscha (Koliba Bodega).

Brankovský vodopád is one of the highest single drop waterfalls of Slovakia. With an average flow of 3l/sec (in springtime much more) . Most of the time the waterfall runs dry!

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About Brankovsky vodopad

CountryWaterfalls in Slovakia
LocationPodsuscha, Ruzomberok
RiverX (Revuca)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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