The Bruarfossen (or Bruerfossen) is an unknown waterfall at the end of the Jordalen, close to Odda, Hordaland/Norway. From the mainroad in Odda you just have to follow the signs Jordalen or Buarbreen to reach the Buarfossen. The drive (by car) only takes 15 minutes.

Sometimes it happens that you drive into a valley just to explore or just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I heard that the area at the Buarbreen (glacier) was gorgeous. It was late in the afternoon and I still had to drive another two hours to my hytter.

I was glad I did. At the end of the path into the Jordalen the road ends at a big carpark with a great and voluminous waterfall. From here you only see the most lower part. Cross the bridge and walk towards the houses and you will see a really amazing, powerful twinfall.

Unfortunately this was the visible part. If take a closer view from the car park you see another vertical drop near the top of the mountain. I guess the Buarfossen is appr 400 meter high.

I had little time but I am sure there are more waterfalls near the glacier Buarbreen. From the parking it is a 30 minute walk to the glacier over a nice path along the river Jordalselvi.

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About Buarfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer

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