Burgbach Wasserfall


The Burgbach wasserfall is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Germany, located near Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach in the Schwarzwald, region Baden-Württemburg.

The Burgbach wasserfall was my second acquaintance with waterfalls in Germany. Although I live in the Netherlands, it was a five hour drive to get here. April 2017 I had a week off and I decided to go to the Schwarzwald, in Germany, for a few days chasing waterfalls.

The Burgbach wasserfall is one of the more photogenic waterfalls in Germany and is easy to reach.

Burgbach-wasserfall-sign, Schwarzwald, GermanyTo get at the waterfall, drive south from Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach over the Wolftalstrasse for 1-1,5 kilometers until you reach Burgbach at the left side of the road. There is a parking lot along the road with a big information board. After the bridge you see several small signs, from which two points to the Burgbach wasserfall.

From the sign the shortest walk is 800 meter taking you over the road to a while until a path runs into the woods. From here it is a short walk to this surprisingly beautiful waterfall.

Burgbach-wasserfall-sign, Schwarzwald, GermanyI decided to take an alternative road. At the parking I didn’t stop but I drove further over the Burgbachstrasse until, after a sharp curve in the road, you see a sign Burgbach wasserfall. Her you stand almost at the top of the waterfall and you can see the top of the Burgbach dropping down. There is no official parking, but I managed to park the car along the road. A steep path down takes you to the base of the waterfall in 7-10 minutes time.

The river Burgbach drops down over a cliff and falls down in a single drop over 32 meter. This is a nice place for a picknick or just to enjoy the shape and the sound of the water falling on the cliffs. What I like most about this waterfall, besides the shape, is the darkness of the forrest. This creates a certain kind of feeling and a perfect setting for photo’s with great contrasts.

I also went to the more known Allerheiligen wasserfälle and the famous Triberger wasserfälle, both nearby and easy to reach. To be honest I liked the Burgbach wasserfall most because it had a single drop of 25 meter and is situated in the dark woods of the Schwarzwald and is very photogenic.

During my three day visit of the Schwarzwald I also made a trip to Switzerland to one of the most powerful waterfalls on the main land of Europe, the Rheinfall. From the Schwarzwald it only a 1-1,5 hour drive and if you exit road 4 before Schaffhausen (exit 2) you don’t have to buy a vignet (over 40 euro). When I was at the Rheinfall the volume was reaching the amount of 275.000 liter/sec. In summertime the volume doubles.

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About Burgbach Wasserfall

LocationBad Rippoldsau-Schapbach / Schwarzwald
Best visitSpring, after rainy period

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