Cascada da Pisch

Cascada da Pisch is a very nice waterfall, when there is enough water in the river, located near Müstair in the region Graubünden, Switzerland.

When driving on road 28 in Val Müstair, towards the Italian border, you can see Cascada da Pisch falling down at the right side of the road (just before the brown « Unesco board ». A little further there is tankstation. Go right after the tank station and follow the small road towards the river en a wooden bridge. Over the bridge there is a parking at the right side (gps 46.621253, 10.450694).

From the parking follow the river south until you see Cascada da Pisch (800 meter – 10 minutes). At the left side of the river (of the waterfall) you walk up to the base and a bridge in front of Cascada da Pisch.

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About Cascada da Pisch

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
LocationIl Rom-Munster
RiverAval Val Pisch

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