Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai

I never knew there was such a beautiful waterfall in the Barcelona area. I visited Barcelona at least 6 times (best city in Europe) and Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai with its Monastery is only an hour away. And it is not only one of the taller waterfalls in Spain it can be quit impressive early in the season when there has been some heavy showers.

Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai is located northeast of Sant Feliu de Codines (north of Barcelona) in the region Cataluna-Barcelona, Spain.

From Barcelona drive north over road C-33 to Mollet de Valles and there go north to Sant Feliu de Codines over road C-59. Here you already see a sign (right turn) to “St Miguel del Fai-road BV-1485” which leads to Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai with its Monastry out of the tenth century.

There is sop much to tell about the caves, the monastery and the small lake but the waterfall Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai is (for me) the highlight of the surrounding. The river Riu Rossinyol drops down over 120 meters in three major steps. After heavy rainfall these waterfalls, I say deliberately these, are within my top 5 of most beautiful waterfalls in Spain.

If I examine the pictures of Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai I see two other waterfalls. In the monastery itself and one big waterfall left of Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai.
The left waterfall is situated in the river Riera de Tenes and the one that is considered as Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai is situated in the river Riu Rossinyol. Both waterfalls have a height of appr 120 meters.

Best time to visit Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai is in a rainy period (early in the year) and after heavy rainfall.

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About Cascada de Sant Miquel Del Fai

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationSant Feliu de Codines
RiverRiera de Tenes/Riu Rossinyol
Best visitLate winter-spring- after rainfall

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