Cascade de Bésines

Cascade de Besines is a small waterfall near Mérens les Vals (Ax les Thermes) in the French Pyrenees, on the border with Andorra.

From Ax les Termes drive south over road N20 until there is a sharp S turn in the road. After the curve you cross a bridge where Cascade de Besines is situated. There is a sign along the road. There is a small car park  directly after you cross the river where cascade de Besines is situated,at the right side of the road (gps 42.606013, 1.814506). 

Cascade de Besines plunges down in three stages and is appr 15 meters high.

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About Cascade de Bésines

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionMidi Pyrenees/Ariege
LocationMérens les Vals-Ax les Thermes
RiverRuisseau de Bésines
Best visitEarly summer, spring

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