Cascade de la Sauffaz

Cascade de la Sauffaz & cascade de la PleureuseCascade de la Sauffaz is a waterfall south of  Sixt Fer a Cheval (Samoens) in the region Rhone Alpes/Haute Savoie, France.

From Sixt Fer a Cheval drive south for 8 kilometers over road D29. At Salvagny you can see two nice waterfalls at the right side of the road: Cascade de Saubaudy and Cascade du Dechargeux. Very nice to visit but first drive further south following the signs D429 – route du Lignon. The road gets more narrow and you can see a big waterfall in the distance.

Then the second big waterfall shows up at the left side of the road: Cascade du Rouget. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in France and can be very powerful in summertime. The waterfall lies directly along the road and the view from the roadside is great. 

Drive further south until until the road ends at a small wooden restaurant and a parking (gps 46.021102, 6.768089). From the parking (Lignon) an easy trail runs to the gorgeous twinfall Cascade de la Pleureuse and Cascade de la Sauffaz. 

Take the trail to Refuge de Sales, after 1.3 km (25 minutes) you already have reached the viewpoint on Cascade de la Sauffaz. The trail has an ascent a little over 200 meter. 
Walk a little further for another view on both waterfalls. A visit to Cascade de la Sauffaz and its twin waterfall is a guarantee for a very nice picture.

If you walk further to Refuge de Sales you will meet another nice waterfall cascade de Sales.

Cascade de la Sauffaz is appr. 30 meter high and is the right waterfall on the pictures. The waterfall is being fed with melted snow coming down from a mountain range with peaks around 2.500 meter. Early summer is a good period to visit the waterfall if you like powerful waterfalls.

In the area of Sixt Fer a Cheval there are so many great waterfalls to many to mention but a visit that impressed me was the one to «Cirque du Fer-à-Cheval». Here a dozen waterfalls are coming down over hundreds of meters.

The origin of Cascade de la Sauffaz is a little bit a mystery. It seems that cascade de la Sauffaz is a karstic waterfall. As far as I can see on the many pictures on Internet the volume of cascade de la Sauffaz is quite constant.

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About Cascade de la Sauffaz

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionRhone Alpes/Haute Savoie
LocationSixt Fer a Cheval-Samoens
RiverX (Torrent de Sales)
Best visitSpring-early summer

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