Cascade de Madeleine

(Chevelure de la Madeleine)

Cascade de MadeleineCascade de Madeleine or Chevelure de la Madeleine is a beautiful waterfall in the Val d’Astau, southwest of Bagneres de Luchon in the French Pyrenees.

Cascade de Madeleine (Chevelure de la Madeleine) is an amazing waterfall in an unique setting. The tree, the cows and the grass in the foreground makes this waterfall one of my favorite to photograph. The waterfall itself isn’t so special or powerful, except the shape, that is wonderful. In summertime there is hardly any water in the waterfall, so probably after rainfall or in spring the amount of water will be better.

Cascade de Madeleine (Chevelure de la Madeleine) is by rainwater and melted snow from a small lake Le Boum Atech at an altitude of 2.093 meters.

The name of the waterfall Cascade de Madeleine (Chevelure de la Madeleine) is derived from the name of a french women Marie-Madeleine (Marie Magdalen) who lived in the 19th century and who was famous because of her good actions. Chevelure means hair and you will see hair in the shape of the waterfall.

The waterfall is located at the end of the parking when visiting lac d’Oo (d76), not far from the nice village Bagnères-de-Luchon. The walk to lac d’Oo is a must to do. The view at the lake with the cascade d’O0 in the background is really great. Most of the time the weather will be fine, but when we were there (May 2007) the rain kept falling. Nevertheless is was one of the highlights in the Pyrenees.

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About Cascade de Madeleine

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Garonne
LocationCazeaux de Larboust-Bagneres de Luchon
RiverRuisseau d'Esquierry
Best visitSpring, early summer or after rainfall

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