Cascade de Pisse Vache (Bombois)

(Cascade de Bombois)

Cascade de Pisse VacheCascade de Pisse Vache or cascade de Bombois is a nice waterfall near Bombois, east of Bourg en Bresse, in the region Rhône-Alpes/Ain, France.

From Bourg en Bresse take the D979 to Serrières-sur-Ain. There take the exit to Bolozon (D91) and drive further north to Bombois. Just after entering the village of Bombois you cross a small stone bridge. Go right before or after the bridge and park your car where possible. There is no official parking and when we visited Cascade de Pisse Vache, May 2022, we parked the car along the main road near the stone bridge (gps 46.222195, 5.482964)).

From here take the small road towards the waterfall which runs paralel to the river.  There are two signs for “Cascade de Pisse Vache – 30 minutes” But in a nomral tempo it is a 20 minute walk (800 meters) following the river upstream until you see cascade de Pisse Vache. The forrest path goes up with an ascent of 160 meter but never gets difficult. The surrounding is beautiful and before you know it you will see a small waterfall coming down the cliff.

Cascade de Pisse Vache has a single drop of 20 meters  and a total height of 30 meters. Nice to know about the waterfall is that you can walk behind. Always nice for photo’s and you can take pictures from several viewpoints. Although it isn’t a very spectacular waterfall I liked it very much and we spend some 20 minutes enjoying the waterfall.

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  • 10 February 2021 at 22:11

    We were in a Physics class around 1983 when the famous British satellite tracking schoolteacher Geoff Perry told us that there was a place called the Pissing Cow Falls. We never believed him. I fact check it in 2021 and there it is!


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About Cascade de Pisse Vache (Bombois)

LocationBombois-Thoirette (Gorges de l'Ain)
Best visitAutumn, Winter, after rainfall

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