Chute de l’Albarine

(cascade de la Charabotte)

Chute de l’Albarine or cascade de Charabotte is a majestic waterfall in the river L’Albarine near Hauteville-Lompnas in the region Rhone Alpes-Ain, France.

From Hauteville-Lompnas drive southwest over road D21 for 4 kilometers. Chute de l’Albarine (Cascade de Charabotte) will show up at the right side of the road. There is a small parking (gps 45.959468, 5.566024), a little south of a viewpoint at the roadside. I think you have to walk a little back the road for the best view.

The water of the river l’Albarine thunders down from a plateau in 3 steps with a total descent of 115 meters. The biggest single drop is appr. 60 meters.

Especially when there is enough water in the river l’Albarine, Chute de l’Albarine (Cascade de Charabotte) is gorgeous and one of the most impressive waterfalls in France.

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About Chute de l’Albarine

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionRhone Alpes/Ain
Best visitEarly summer-after heavy rainfall

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