Cascade de Riou Nère

(Cascade de Pinara)

Cascade de Riou Nère is an official named waterfall at the tunnel of Bielsa on the Border between France and Spain at the french side of the Pyrenees.

When driving from Spain to France (on the D1730 near Bielsa) you will see this big waterfall just before the entrance of the tunnel.

Cascade de Riou Nère can be quit impressive with a free fall of 80 meters. The waterfall is located on an altitude of 2.000 meters, one of the highest located waterfall in Europe.

Best time to see the Cascade de Riou Nère is early summer.

I am not for a 100% sure that the pictures are really the Cascade de Riou Nère????? I don’t think so… Probably it is called Cascade de Pinara.

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About Cascade de Riou Nère

RegionHautes Alpes
LocationAragnouet/ Tunnel Bielsa
RiverRiou Nère
Height80m +120m
Best visitEarly summer

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