Cascade du Rummel

Cascade du Rummel is the tallest of a series of small cascades north of Lepuix in the region Franche Comte/Vosges, France.

The waterfalls are located along the Route du Ballon d’Alsace (d465). There are two point from where you can start a walk to cascade du Rummel and the other two waterfalls. When driving from Lepuis to the north on road D465 the road starts making sharp U turns. In the second U tun in the road you see a Parking sign. Go left here and park your car at the parking (gps 47.801397, 6.833566). From here it is a short walk.

Maybe even better is to start your walk at the first U turn at “Hostellerie Saut de la Truite” (gps 47.800081, 6.832559). There is a small waterfall that can be seen from the roadside. Two hundred meters north of Hostellerie the next waterfall shows up: Saut de la Truite. When walking  further  following the river Cascade du Rummel shows up after appr. 400 meter. 

It is possible to walk further north to the last waterfall and to a picnic spot at a small lake. A nice walk through the forrest.

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About Cascade du Rummel

CountryWaterfalls in France
RegionFranche Comte/Vosges
RiverLa Savoureuse
Best visitWinter-Spring

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