Cascade Saut du Doubs

Saut du DoubsCascade Saut du Doubs is a very beautiful waterfall right on the border between France and Switzerland. Cascade Saut du Doubs is located north of Villers les Lac (near Morteau) in the region Franche Comte/Doubs, France. You also can go via Switzerland but the views on the French side are much better!!!

From Morteau take the D461 to Villers le Lac. In the city center take the D215 (small sign) that runs in the direction of Saut du Doubs. After 3 kilometer there is an exit for Saut du Doubs. Follow the signs (small road) until you reach a free parking (gps 47.085481, 6.703032).

From the parking it is a 25-30 minute walk to the viewpoint on the French side of Cascade Saut du Doubs. From the parking you can walk down over the asphalt road but it is much quicker to take the shortcut roads (forrest path). The path can get a little steep at some parts but after appr. 15 minutes you are down near a hut where you can buy some beverages. Now you see two signs “Belvédère du haut” and “Belvédère du bas”. They are close to each other and you can walk from Haut to Bas, but we took the upper viewpoint firs (that is the translation for Belvédère du haut). After 25 minutes we reached a perfect viewpoint on the powerful Cascade Saut du Doubs. After taking a lot of pictures (we were there May 2022) we walked back to the car via Belvédère du bas (the lower viewpoint).

In Springtime cascade du Doubs can be very powerful, a fantastic waterfall to see. The waterfall of Saut du Doubs was created 12.000 years ago due of an earthquake that created a natural dam of stones creating lake de Moron.

From Villers les Lacs it is also possible to make a boat trip of 14 kilometer over the river “le Doubs” to the waterfall. The boat drops you off at the restaurant at the border of France and Switzerland. You still have to walk to the viewpoints but the ascend isn’t that much and takes less than 10 minutes. More information about the river cruise to Saut du Doubs can be found on the official website, click here.

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About Cascade Saut du Doubs

RegionFranche Comte/Doubs
LocationVillers le Lac - Morteau
RiverLe Doubs
Best visitSpring

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