Cascade du Lançot

(Cascade du Cirque de Consolation)

Cascade du LançotCascade du Lançot is a waterfall at the Cirque de Consolation (Val de Consolation) near Consolation-Maisonnet in the region Franche Comte/Doubs, France.

Driving from Valdahon to Fuans on road D461 take the exit to “cirque du consolation” (road D39), just for Fuans. Follow the road for 7 km until you see the next sign “cirque du consolation”. Drive on to the small hamlet Consolation-Maisonnet and park the car at the parking (gps 47.158693, 6.605198).

From the parking there are several walks possible and the walk to Cascade du Lançot is one of them. It is an easy 2 kilometer (30-35 minutes) walk to the source du Lançot and the waterfall. The trailhead lies behind the monastery.

Cascade source du TabourotCirque de Consolation (Val de Consolation) is an extraordinary place where several natural water sources are coming down the karstic mountains. All the water streams end in the 33 kilometer long river Dessoubre creating several waterfalls. From the monastery it is a nice and easy walk and after less than 5 minutes you reach a path that leads to “source noir”, a powerful cascade over appr. 20 meter. May 2022 we ignored the sign and went further towards Cascade du Lançot. To our surprise another waterfall showed up at the left side of the trail, Cascade source du Tabourot. I think a 20-30 meter high waterfall with quite a lot water in it.

This was promising so we walked further and after 20 minutes (from the Monastery) we reached Cascade du Lançot. So disappointing, there was no water in it….. According to the local guy it hadn’t rained enough.

Normally source du Lançot creates a 47 meter high single drop waterfall called cascade du Lançot, also named cascade du Cirque de Consolation. A very beautiful waterfall. On the way back we made a sidetrip to “source noir”, very nice to see when all that water comes out of  a mountain.

Cascade du Lançot can dry out in summertime but in December and March the volume of the river has a high peak (when it rains a lot). The average volume of the river Dessoubre is between 15,8 en 20,9 m3/s in the winter months. In summertime the waterflow is 6,41 m3/s.

I liked the walk very much and it is perfect for children. They can play everywhere, the walk doesn’t take that long and the surrounding is gorgeous.

There is another nice waterfall located nearby, in the cirque de Consolation: cascade de Dessoubre. The most famous waterfall of the region is cascade Saut du Doubs and is a visit worthwhile!

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About Cascade du Lançot

RegionFranche Comte/Doubs
LocationCirque de Consolation (Val de Consolation)-Consolation-Maisonnet
RiverX (Dessoubre)
Best visitSAfter a rainy period

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