Cascade de Syratus

Cascade de SyratusCascade de Syratus is a serie of waterfalls east of the village Mouthier-Haute-Pierre (north of Pontarlier) in the region Franche Comte/Doubs, France.

Cascade de Syratus is easy to reach and can be visited when having holiday near Pontarlier or Besançon. Drive to Mouthier-Haute-Pierre on road D67 and a little west of the village take the exit (gps 47.039492, 6.271057) to a small road. Follow the road towards the river but don’t cross it. Follow the river until the road ends. Ignore the parking on the way because there is a parking at the end of the road (gps 47.035013, 6.283898).  In the high season maybe the parking gets full but then you can drive back (400 meter) to the parking.

From the parking you can see the upper part of Cascade de Syratus in a far distance when looking at the mountains. It looks like a big drop and you can drive closer by car but May 2022 we actually forgot to do that. We walked to the tribute river where Cascade de Syratus is located. The lower part can be visited from the roadside at the river Loue. I had to find my way up and the path at the right side of the river was slightly destroyed, I think by bad weather. It is a beautiful waterfall and the pictures I have taken do not do justice to the actual beauty of the waterfall.

The lower part of Cascade de Syratus is appr. 15-25 meters high and is almost a copy of Cascade des Tufs (Also in the Jura region). The lower part of Cascade de Syratus is covered with moss and looks almost surrealistic. It is also a perfect spot for a picnic where children can play.

The middle part of Cascade de Syratus is more spectacular with a single drop of 35 meters and is located along road d67. There is a small parking along road d67 from where you should see the middle part of the waterfall.

There is also an upper part of Cascade de Syratus, but probably you can only see this part from a distance.

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About Cascade de Syratus

RegionFranche Comte/Doubs
LocationMouthier Haute Pierre
RiverX (La Loue)
Height25m +35-55m
Best visitWinter-early spring

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